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Phil Collins, Gig Review. Echo Arena, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Perhaps it was the sense of occasion, the bugle and drum pattern of history that could be felt amongst the Echo Arena crowd that signified a return, the memories of all who attended the first Phil Collins gig in many years, the first time that even without the other members of Genesis by his side that the drummer, the front man of many a music hit of his generation had stepped out in front of a crowd and sang a note of implication and beautiful awareness; perhaps it was the occasion, more likely it was the city and its people, for this was a welcome never to be forgotten, never to be anything but fantastic.

Kiss, Gig Review. Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham.

Liverpool Sound And Vision Rating * * * * *

Kiss in Birmingham, May 2017. Photograph by Ian D. Hall.

The art of the showman may entail many effects, a stage full of experience, the sprinkle of dust wherever possible, the unrelenting passion to pull off the impossible and the big sonic boom in which to thrill the audience with, that moment in which a crowd goes nuts, in which the night was well and truly owned by the fantastic and the sheer delightful.

Honeybug, Gig Review. The Cavern, International Pop Overthrow. 2017.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

The sound of the electronic and the mastery of the keyboard is such that it will always gather a crowd to its door; it is the synth heaven that people remember with fondness, especially those whose musical appreciation was kicked off by what followed Punk as mainstream music. A sense of the otherworldly always seems to accompany the genre, a feeling of science fiction made real and one that arguably dominated the 80s with overwhelming power but also managed to keep the flag flying, even in a different form as the 90s and the new century took over.

Lloyd And Daly, Gig Review. The Cavern, International Pop Overthrow, 2017 (Saturday).

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

The international Pop Overthrow remains one of the really great festival ideas to make its way to the Liverpool spotlight; the home of British popular music the perfect venue, the sense of graft and hard work overwhelming, yet for each band, for every artist, there is the goal of performance. For Lloyd and Daly, not only did they take The Beatles stage to task earlier in the week but on the busy Saturday, the day when the music gets deep, down and dirty, when the weekend kicks off and the social butterflies and serious music lovers intermingle amongst the memorabilia and the memory.

Fairport Convention, Gig Review. Music Room, Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

The bus rolls on, it does so because Time has need for the company it keeps and in such bands as Fairport Convention, Time understands that the message, the song, is far too important to not allow it to be heard or to be shared live. Music is not only exists to ease the suffering, to use in times of rememberance or to make those who seek to dominate society uncomfortable, it is there to be gathered around and used to make people smile, to make them enjoy life  and Time, whilst sometimes being a peculiar beast, revels in the joy that can be heard.

Iron Maiden, Gig Review. Echo Arena, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Steve Harris at the Echo Arena, Liverpool. May 2017.

Time is never to be wasted, it can be played with, it can amuse for a while and cause mischief, holding hands with it can either leave you feeling secure and protected or experiencing the pain of being ravaged, the sharp toothed tiger of Time plunging its teeth its teeth like a vampire cat, bleeding you dry. Time should not be wasted and therefore by logic we should not go looking for those wasted years…we should and must just feel the frenzy of excitement, the emotion, the fury, the whirl of cool when a long lost band comes back and delivers pound for pound one of the finest sets on stage in thirty years.

Stootsie, Gig Review. The Cavern, Liverpool. International Pop Overthrow 2017.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Arguably one of the points of life is too feel the words of another culture and take them on board, to live, if possible, in the realms of their thoughts and how they themselves translate their feelings into your own peculiar language; it is the point of life, it is at the heart, soul and ethos of the International Pop Overthrow and one carried with great justification by the Austrian musician Stootsie.

Madness, Gig Review. Tranmere Rovers, Prenton Park.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Madness at Prenton Park. May 2017.

In amongst the groups of men wearing pith helmets and dreaming of night in the arms of dusky Egyptian maid, the hen parts walking with vigour as the thought of one step beyond the matrimonial alter dawned upon them, the sense of the naughty and the mischievous strutting round in their baggy trousers and the division of blue and red Fezs took centre stage. The feeling of contentment inside Prenton Park was infectious; a party inside Prenton, the pitch, soon to be replaced for another season, was being lovingly trampled upon, and whether in the stands or on the ground this was an evening on the Wirral peninsula which would light up the area as much as the rightly adored Light Night across the Mersey in Liverpool.

The Farm, Gig Review. Tranmere Rovers, Prenton Park.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

The Farm At Prenton Park. May 2017.

It was perhaps not the party or the celebration that Tranmere Rovers would have liked to have imagined taking place on their pitch as their incredible season just fell short of a successful return to the Football League. However, to hold a series of nights of great quality music inside Prenton Park would surely add to the thought that the area was on the up, that there is absolute optimism for the following season and in an opening night which consisted of The Farm and Madness, there really was nothing else that could detract from two of the most admired bands the country has produced.

The Cherry Bluestorms, Gig Review. The Cavern, Liverpool. International Pop Overthrow 2017.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

The vibe is assured, the sense of what drove the Summer of Love from the far off beaches of Los Angeles, of the cool sunglasses wearing bohemia that sent out a shock wave of hope across the states of America and in amongst turbulent times, in the fear that was almost catastrophic and inescapable, a light shined brightly, it took hold manifested itself and saw it become a serious movement, one all to brief, one all too short but nevertheless one that burned optimistically for the most wonderful of moments.