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Ged Thompson, Middle Earth Magic. Book Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

The ability of being able to believe, to have faith in something that might only exist in the fertile minds of children; is to hold onto life. Not a so called life where bills and the banality of day to day existence are allowed to punch you in the stomach, where they are allowed to chew away the imagination a little piece at a time, but the life in which faeries, goblins and the chance to live as a dragon should you wish; that is true belief and it is one so beautifully captured by Liverpool poet Ged Thompson in his incredibly presented book Middle Earth Magic.

Rudolph Herzog, A Short History Of Nuclear Folly. Book Review.

There are some things which are beyond a simple marking measure, the absurdity of the race for nuclear destruction is arguably the biggest one, whatever the book that discloses information on humanity’s insatiable greed and need to destroy itself, is surely beyond any yard stick of simple pleasure. As long as it completely factual, as long as it truly makes you angry that there are those since World War Two that have looked to the nuclear question as the be all and end all of life’s niggling conundrums, just how to get along without killing each other over ideology.

Batman: No Man’s Land 1, Graphic Novel Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

If the city you lived in was left to rot by the powers that be, if something so catastrophic hit it that the decision to let it bleed to death, let it become a crumbling edifice of humanity’s folly, would you stay behind to try to save it, cower in the darkness and the filth and wait for a hero to turn up, one that could at least bring hope, or would you run, leave the city to die in slow agony and watch from afar, counting down the heartbeats, counting down time to the inevitable last gasp from the shadows.

Fables: Farewell. Graphic Novel Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Every story must come to an end, every tale must wag in the face of the reader one final time and heroes and villains alike must bid their own individual Farewell; some though live forever, they are as immortal as the ability to relay the tales either through spoken narrative or visual aid, the hero and villain must live in the ether ready to be seen again.

Betrayal: The Crisis In The Catholic Church. Book Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

The investigative newspaper journalist is almost an extinct animal, hunted down by television and left to rot by a public who would rather arguably leave some things alone, if they don’t know about it then the world is safe, it is not a scary and rotten place in which to bring up their children.

The world though is teetering upon the edge of an abyss and it takes the calm and collected measure of newspaper journalists to cut through the Hollywood glitz that television offers to really get to the point of the investigation. The camera at times only adds to the sensationalism, the written word will always carry much more weight and respect.

Harley Quinn: A Call To Arms. Graphic Novel Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Helping others for profit, offering to protect and save the ordinary citizen from the exploitation and damage caused by others for recompense and the odd bit of spare change, it used to be said such actions could only ever take place in America. Now, they are creeping in to all corners of society as once more we seem to embrace the greed and desire to have recognition for what we have in the bank account rather than we contribute to the world.

Stephen King, End Of Watch. Book Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Kermit Hodges is in pain, emotionally, physically and spiritually, he is running out of time to really get to the bottom of his most dangerous investigation, what really went on in the mind of Brady Hartsfield when he became a mad and psychotic killer hell bent on destruction. It is a case that has had Stephen King fans perhaps slightly bemused by the turn round in genre direction in the last couple of years but one that culminates in a novel that could stem out of the writer’s classic period, one that delves into the heart of the confines of the mind and how such things as telekinesis and mental projection can just as horrifying, just as filled with nightmares as the appearance of werewolves, psychotic clowns and vampires.

Superman: Doomed, Graphic Novel Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

When the hero becomes the destroyer, when the bringer of salvation turns into the prophet of doom and death, then nobody on the planet can save humanity, save for the prophet himself. It is in the nature of humanity that such direct and opposing forces should be found in the body of one being.

Miriam Calleja, Pomegranate Heart. Book Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

It is an island that sits on the edge of many different ideologies, of history having forged its distinct and positive identity and one to whom the people who nestle and cling to its rock with patience, drive and a sense of peace in their hearts. Malta has almost everything you could wish for, in both a place of relaxation and the best of holidays but also it holds secrets that implore investigation and one of them is the local outstanding poet Miriam Calleja and her anthology of dual heritage writing, the beautiful and absorbing collection that entwines throughout each page, Pomegranate Heart.

Fables: Happily Ever After. Graphic Novel Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

“…And they lived happily ever after”…is the world of fairy tales most valued sentence, it is the culmination of the narrative into which the book closes and the tired parent leaves the eager child hanging on for the next adventure, for the next moment in which the reality of princes saving damsels and ogres munching on the bones of the inquisitive are taken as fact. Fairy Tales don’t really exist but Fables now that’s a different matter and as in the world of humans, nobody truly lives Happily Ever After, the cop out of innocence never runs that’s smooth.