Valentine’s Table.


Valentine’s Day is cruel,

unforgiving as expectations are raised

and the hope of a declaration of love

so special is hoisted high

in the hopes that your relationship

is seen to be perfect;

she told me to be ready by seven,

the table was booked for eight

and for a change

she was treating me to a night out

in low lights, soft music

and a night which was not

to be considered make

or break.

I hated the idea of such fuss,

images of over-priced drinks

and the look at me

being all romantic

for the camera, and then the disappointment

of not feeling truly valued by the one who

frames your life;

the table as promised,

was ready for eight, the mood

agreeable, the lighting spot on,

we flipped a coin, she called, and in the

delight of the local Snooker Hall,

she broke and didn’t need to wash any pots

that night.


Ian D. Hall 2018