Terror In the Dentist’s Chair.

You’re in the Waiting Room…

He’ll be coming soon

How are you today?

Won’t you step this way!

Now sit down in the Chair

Only the nurse is here

Why don’t you open wide

I’ll have a look inside…

It’s Just Terror ,Terror

in the Dentists Chair…

Now I’ll give you Gas or Novacain

that’ll soothe the pain

One good pull will do

Delirious I never knew

Pink Mouthwash rinse it out…

Gushing blood spit it out…

Make another appointment please

I’ll see you again next week!

It’s just Terror , Terror in the

Dentists Chair.

Now I’ll never go there again

I’ll suffer with the pain

but now I have no teeth to show

A new false set will do…

Because …it’s just

Terror, Terror in the Dentist’s Chair

Marathon Man, Dustin Hoffman

said ” is it Safe?”…

You have got to be kidding mate!

Suicide is Painless in MASH

No Fangs for the memory

just sore gums and

Antiseptic rash…

When you hear the drills noise grind

The fear takes over in your mind!

It’s just Terror, Terror, in the

Dentist’s Chair…



John F. Hall 2018