Vile Assembly, Division Of Labour. Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

There is nothing quite like the stirring of emotions and the waves of growing anger at the system that is encapsulated when the ears find a track in which to rage alongside with; that the surprise of absolute fury is not seen in the numbers as it used to be is always a constant surprise, a chance missed of a glorious revolution or one that has not home yet as the music finds its own way to deal with the problems that are at the centre of our own destruction.

It is perhaps to bands such as Vile Assembly to keep the flag flying high, to remind audiences that the world is a vile place at times, that we are forever being instructed on who to admire, to like, to despise, to hate, to fear, to loathe and yet the game keeps on being played. We are beaten with the stick of discord so much that it is hardly extraordinary that we have developed a schism over just what it means to be on the side of one who abuses their power especially when it comes down to the old practise of the Division of Labour.

Like the rest of us, Vile Assembly have their minds on a world that is blatantly unfair, the top 100 people in the world having the vast majority of wealth, an outdated system in the world which causes more thoughts of jealousy in people than almost anything. It is the jealousy, the sniff of it which allows those who exercise this control to feel the freedom and warmth of watching the divide below them extend and fracture; the Division of Labour assured as the people are too busy fighting themselves in some insane version of a gladiatorial spectacle, in a fight to finish in a place where the abuse is only just less than those hated by all society.

Vile Assembly hammer home the point with their usual enthusiasm and incensed resentment fully intact; a group that follows in the footsteps of giants when it comes to fully explaining the truth of the situation we are in, their words and music don’t just resonate, they are strong enough to cut swathes of apathy down and ask that we all look to put up the fight in whichever way we can.

Ian D. Hall