Alexia Avina, Betting On An Island. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

When taking a gamble it is always best to remember the golden rule, don’t risk more than you can afford, never speculate when broke and above all keep in mind that the House always wins; unless of course you are Betting On An Island, then it really does matter who the dealer is, who has the honest look deep in their eyes as they deal you a series of musical cards in which you know as you carefully keep them close to your heart for a while, that each one is marked in your favour, as Alexia Avina trades for in her debut album.

If you are going to bet then make it a clean sweep, put it all on the dealer in this wonderful game of songs produced to evoke sweeping imagery, the sense of the ethereal whishing through the air like a hungry phantom in search of a good soul, an understanding heart, in which to inhabit and spread the good word, that taking a gamble on a venture is not hazardous when the chips, when the overwhelming talent, is in your corner.

To Alexia Avina, Betting On An Island is the feeling of growth, of accepting that the music is always encompassing but knowing with the roll of a couple of dice, everything can move on; never forgetting what is there urging you to see just what can be won.

Faint heart never won a Maiden’s music, faint heart always refuses to strike out and release a piece of art for fear of what can be said outside of the circles we run in, thankfully it seems as if Ms. Avina sees the ball rolling round the roulette wheel of life and has staked it the winning combination of numbers and songs to smile and take the casino out for a while.

In tracks such as Song 36, Glove, the album’s title track Betting on an Island and X the speculation that has been building for months about the debut release is worth every penny, dime and cent; the ethereal, the overwhelming delicate nature of each song holds in its heart a position of absolute strength, a feeling of perseverance that even the hard luck two-bob gambler would not fail to notice as being charming, exclusive and full of life.

Betting On An Island is a tremendously enjoyable album in which to place your own bet upon, mark your card down, it is a feeling of emotions you can afford to receive in payment.

Alexia Avina releases Betting On An Island on February 26th on Gorilla vs Bear.

Ian D. Hall