Dark Polaris, Set Fire. Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Dark Polaris came through 2017 like a meteor skimming the Earth’s atmosphere, daring to plunge, intrepid and bold for the sense of belief, remaining intact and being seen for the grand nature that they have surrounding the two members; the aura of the heavenly is something we cannot touch as it circles around our heads, threatening to land, blistering to even think of being able to see directly into its shape and the mystery of its future.

Dark Polaris took on 2017 and took it to the brink of exhaustion, the year flying a flag when it saw the band coming; 2018 sees it as a friend, wary still of the power that resides within but one that sees the desire, hears the forthrightness of the songs and only asks if it is going to Set Fire to the world, then may it supply the matches.

Dark Polaris’ new single Set Fire is a continuation of the stirring vocals of what would have been heard in the venues around Liverpool and the old historic bowling green of Bootle, the warning shot over the bows, the skirmish with cutlasses’ firmly entrenched in teeth but the battle not yet joined; now as the start of the year is gallantly surveyed, the self-assured cry of the campaign to win over hearts and minds is very much in full flow and Set Fire is only the start.

To see a match burn brightly, to put it to the paper that holds the words of your dreams, your ambitions, and let it smoulder, curl up at the edges and slowly turn to the colour of darkness and flaky, sooty remains, that is when the passion should take hold more. It is the anger of this latest single that marks it out, that symbolic act of setting fire to all that you believe and hold dear, is the warning shot, it is the act of rebellion, not hopelessness, of attention, not submission, for it means that the rules you have played by to get where you are have now changed and a new list is being compiled, and woe betide anyone who gets in the way.

An exciting year ahead for Dark Polaris, they have everything you want to embrace, that meteor that graced the skies in 2017 is coming into land, hard, intact and polished by the fire.

Ian D. Hall