They Might Be Giants, I Like Fun. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Just because a song happens to be about death or the overwhelming subject of dread, does not mean it has to be in vain, it doesn’t have to have the music accompaniment that is sombre, almost too serious or downright sober and gloomy. What it can supply, and what They Might Be Giants have succeeded once again in capturing, is that life, no matter how draining an experience it can be, is there to enjoy and part of life is the understanding that to have the good, you must also praise and see the smiles in the bad times.

I Like Fun, the three word statement that is a catch all but at times doesn’t deliver, in the hands of the obtuse and scatty brained, the almost advertisement looking for love, is a relationship killer, it is almost displaying an advancement of personal ruin and upset in the other person’s mind, as they soon discover fun is not what they like, instead it is the complete opposite of what the person is underneath.

For They Might Be Giants Though, it is a three word promise that is always made good, it is a sense of security that holds the listener enthralled and doesn’t mind if they sing along with. The songs are always meant to be taken seriously; however, they can still be enormously entertaining at the same time.

Songs such as Let’s Get This Over With, the poignant By The Time You Get This, An Insult To Fact Checkers, When The Light Comes On and McCafferty’s Bib play with the listener, they take out the map that has been hidden away for a few years and together the plotting of a course begins in earnest, everything is packed, the supplies are bountiful and the company…well the company is of the finest and hardiest of breeds.

I Like Fun is the cry, an easy enough concept, we are not put on this Earth to be mean spirited, to find ways to upset people or generally be obnoxious, what we want is feel more than anything aside from being loved, is the emotional stability that comes with laughing, smiling and sharing the pleasure gained with someone. It is a pleasure that welcomes They Might Be Giants back with intensity, with joy and out and out beautiful vibes.

Ian D. Hall