Selva, D O M A. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

The deep rumble that accompanies lightning, the sense of other worlds colliding and the universe breaking in half, these are age old fears that we used to put the blame on the gods, that without reason to doubt the obvious, that nature is full on Heavy Metal when she is holding onto a grudge, when she wants to teach us a lesson.  The best thing we can do in such circumstances, when the rumble gets close, is to lay back, drink in the atmosphere and let the music she provides wage war with serenity and to embrace the gentle.

Italy’s Selva’s come storming back with their latest release D O M A, and it is an album that defies the perceived norm. As epic and lengthy as listening to Genesis’ Super’s Ready, as thunderous as taking in early Black Sabbath or watching the plains of Africa unfold before your eyes as the sunlight catches the early morning majesty of the roar of the hungry and vigilant lioness; such is the thunder at the hands of the band as it splits itself within the two strong song album, that is can be heard across the Mediterranean and catch the ears of the same lioness believing it to be a more dominating animal.

The two tracks, Silen and Joy, are expansive because the band have not allowed themselves to rest on their particular laurels won in their previous two encounters; this is a new strength on offer, yes they have taken the mood that was laid down but like any good artists they are now bound by their own restrictions, they have not allowed themselves to dig inwards, instead they come out fighting with even more purpose.

Mood is everything when it comes to setting a new scene for the listener to relish the evolution to come, D O M A is energetic, as forceful as an iceberg afloat on the water, as strong as a person with their back to the wall but with right on their side; some things in life are immoveable from their path because they are giants, Selva is that sense of triumph moving forward.

Ian D. Hall