If It’s Good Enough For Radiohead (And Lana Del Ray).


There She was walking

down the street, she got done

for DUI now she’s out on her feet,

serves her right, serves her well,

now her feet are going to swell,

she drove whilst pissed,

she deserves to go to Hell.


She used to look good, she used to look fine

but she caught the judge on a good day

and copped a lengthy fine.


Before He knew it, the police were on to him,

smoking pot at the wheel and polishing off a gin,

He made matters worse by carrying a gun,

He was so stoned, he thought it looked like fun,

now he is awaiting a jail time

and a back rub from Doo Wah and Diddy

if you can’t do the sentence, then don’t do the crime.


He used to look good, He used to look fine,

He caught the press in vengeful mood

now he will watch his back all the time.


Ian D. Hall 2018

With thanks to Manfred Mann.