Hush…Hush, Vile Esther.


I always expected you back, Esther,

Evil somehow finds a way

to slither into view,

the smell of riches brings out the dead

and once buried, Dracula like, the vengeance

you feel at the sleight you perceive

drips from your fingers

as you contemplate the kill,

Hush, Hush, saccharine false sweet Esther,

your painted smile betrays your malevolence,

wicked, splintered heart, beating out of time,

beating to the sound of misery;

you are happy now,

imagine how you will be

when your immorality gains a foothold,

one Nazi foot in Belgium,

one more malicious, criminal cringing

smile as you put your face

to the despair you will now create,

Hush… Hush, vile Esther.


Ian D. Hall 2017