Dan Patlansky, Perfection Kills. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

At least in the field and expression of Art, the chase for flawlessness is sincere, for at least in the bright lights, the darkest shadows and the fullness of representation is at its most positive, it has the want to be great, not for its own sake, but to spread joy, satisfaction and contemplation of the idea at hand, the concept as a belief; for everything else, politics, love, life, relationships, the way we talk, the way we act, it is an illusion and Perfection Kills.

Dan Patlansky’s follow up to his impressive and musically gigantic Introvertigo is the contemplation of exactness, the search not for the flawed genius and the love of slight blemish on the subject’s skin which gives anything character and the appeal of the fully rounded, a state of mind that can drive us round the bend as we look upon something with scrutiny and deliberation. Perfection doesn’t just kill, it saps all the endeavour out of the spontaneous and the desire for the naturally impulsive, to learn about mistakes and grow as a human being.

The trouble with perfection is that it becomes jaded, there is nothing to talk about, to see between the lines drawn and even in art where the act is sincere, there must be the allusion to change and it is one embraced throughout this scintillating and timely released album.

To consider making an album that dwarfs, if that is ever possible, a piece of recorded music such as Introvertigo is a huge ask, too many bands or artists refuse to take stock, reflect and then come back bigger than ever, to be relevant does not always mean being in the limelight, sometimes it means the strength of purpose to be seen as gaining something extra, to have the weight of beauty build and become natural and full of definition.

Perfection Kills, in this case it also illuminates and in tracks such as Never Long Enough, Mayday, Judge A Man, the fantastic Shake The Cage and the captivating My Dear Boy, Dan Patlansky once more reaches the point of accomplishment and the truly authentic in one blistering sweep of his arm and the delight in execution of all he can be.

A considerable achievement, back to back albums of such warmth and musical delight is a mean feat to present to the public, perfection may be an illusion, for Dan Patlansky it the route to honesty.

Dan Patlansky’s Perfection Kills is released on Friday 2nd February.

Dan Patlansky will be performing in the North West at the Deaf Institute in Manchester on Thursday 15th March.

Ian D. Hall