Laugh All You Want, You Know You’re Next.


Don’t forget these words,

once they have finished

tearing my soul apart,

they will come for you…

…I am so tired of being angry,

I can hold it for a while,

deep down and afraid,

let it grow, I am tired of being angry…

but somehow I must keep on,

putting the posters up,

warning you that you’re not safe,

that you are the next target

on their list, I’m tired of you

putting your fingers in your ears…

I’m tired of shouting

till my throat bleeds,

teeth crack, my tongue goes numb

and the pettiness of soft words

of endearment being taken

out of place

when the world is teetering on the brink…

I’m tired

but the fight goes on, the fists

constantly drawn inwards,

as I remind you that I defend

you, as they prepare

to start putting nails in you.


Ian D. Hall 2017