A Christmas Engagement.


‘Twas the night before Christmas and there’s no one about not even a mouse

Or an eight-legged creepy to scare you out of the house,

Quietly though a figure creeps down the stairs leaving his loved one alone but asleep

He finds what he’s looking for high on a shelf, hidden behind the books three deep

It’s a little Santa ornament hinged in the centre, a small space to hide something

Gold and blue amethyst glint in the night, a beautiful engagement ring

Hidden in Santa and put back on the shelf ready for a surprise on Christmas Day

The shadowy figure goes back to bed, curls up with his dreams a few hours away.

He’s nervous about what the festive day might bring, will I be happy or sad he thinks

The dawn breaks and the sunshine starts streaming through the window pane

He wakes his sleeping angel who rescued him from the streets and the rain

Who gave him a home and a new purpose in life

Now all he wanted was for her to be his wife

Down on bended knee he went, thinking what will be will be,

At 4pm after the Queen’s Speech it was time for his own one, will you marry me?

The answer was yes and over a decade later there’s nowhere else they would rather be.

So wherever you are and whatever you believe -fate, karma, a God or several or not at all, Merry Christmas one and all!


For my beloved husband.

Judith Hall