Red Or Blue (Does It really Matter That Much What Colour Your Passport Is).


I don’t care what colour

my passport is, I care

that I have one, I care that

many don’t and will not ever

have the chance to travel, to experience

love and hope, regret and passion

in another country.

I don’t care what colour

of the rainbow it wants to be,

It could be gold with regal spots

or have the emblem of the house

of fools tattooed upon its outer shell,

I care that this is our red line in the sandbox,

that this is where we finally show

such ignorance and the xenophobia

off with the undercurrent of patriotism;

it is a colour,

and in a world where we rejoice and learn

to see all, what is the real difference between

red and blue

except a sense of hostile two fingers up

to the world.


Ian D. Hall 2017