Talk Show, Permanent Honeymoon. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

To welcome back Talk Show from the recording studio is to find yourself back in the arms of a linguistic lover who paints pictures with a heartbeat that is so closely entwined to your own needs, that you cannot but help know you are going to be caressed all night long as the memories linger and the sound of wave after wave of a Permanent Honeymoon, one supplied by one of the most attention-grabbing bands of modern times to come along.

Being swept off your feet is one thing, it is often only a prelude to being romantically used, a passing fancy by the cold-hearted and aloof, perhaps seeing your own wandering affections in need of a casual musical fling, it never ends well if that is the case, the attention span never really being tested, the depths of the arrangement never being plumbed. Yet in Talk Show, not only is the chase welcomed, it is reciprocated, the honeymoon seemingly planned together between artist, band, producer and listener, a four way relationship perhaps but one that is most certainly exclusive.

If All Messed Up (And Nowhere To Go) was the courtship, then the follow up Permanent Honeymoon is the walk on golden shores whilst being serenaded by the voice that oozes class, glorious indeed and with no sign of seeming stale and the senses looking elsewhere for excitement.

With the legendary Boo Hewerdine, Sarah Ozelle and Brooks Williams joining Gustaf Llunggren, Chris Pepper and the delightful Lawrence O’ Shea on the album, the keen eyed observations placed down by Mr. O’ Shea that are written in the sand, are left unsullied by the sea, the stand the test of wave, crashing breaker and the kicking toes of jealous others in bringing out the very best in the subtle human experiences.

Track such as the first crush endeavour in Molly Ringwald, the agony of Middle-Age despair in Time Thieves, the brilliance in Silent Film and Mademoiselle  and Hello Beautiful all leave their mark on the soul and in the sand, the honeymoon becomes a celebration of finding a love that feeds your musical needs and to which never seems to falter. A high pedestal perhaps, but one that is worthy of attaining!

Talk Show continues the conversation superbly.

Ian D. Hall