Gareth Heesom, A Million Butterflies. Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

The sound of butterfly wings may always be shrouded in myth and legend, the floating beauty of once human souls in the times of ancients, is perhaps not as prevalent as once was, too many species driven to the point of extinction, so many souls lost; and yet there is still the thought that persists that they will carry your hopes, dreams and wishes to a place which may grant them.

If a single butterfly can convey just one craving, then surely A Million Butterflies can break down the barriers of all the yearnings you ever experience in a life time, that they whisper only to the gods all you love and hope for.

It is a dream carried onwards by Gareth Heesom in his single A Million Butterflies, a sentiment of inclination, of soft yearning but all displayed in a sense of perspective that finds the way to convey the understanding that not everything can be solved by the pleaded for wish or the wave of a withered wand.

Gareth Heesom plays with the imagery within the song with objectivity, with an honest implication of what he has achieved in producing such a tantalising track, it is a sense of truth that is bound in wonder and spirit, a gift from those perhaps that once listened to us with wide eyed wonder and without interruption, the darkest secrets to which as we grow older we find difficult to let go because we have no one to entrust them with.

A beautiful single, one that hold the patterns of our lives together with significance, the once at nature wisdom, now only whispered too in the shadows.

Ian D. Hall