Steve Rogers, Head Up High. Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

In these times it is hard to keep your demeanour and your outlook on the horizon; the pressure on the conscious causes the neck to sag, the vision to see only what it wants to and the body to feel the weight of the Universe dragging it down to the level of the dirt in the road. In these times it is more important than ever to try and keep the smile going, to keep the groove in the music you hear in your heart, your soul alive and your Head Up High.

To keep the beat going is demanding, it has the best intentions to try and keep the challenge up but for whatever reason the individual might eventually start to lose the fight, might see the clouds rolling in and the powers that be howling like desperate wolves in what should be the far of mountains. It is then we need the voice of another to keep us going, and in Steve Rogers, a Rock royalty name in its new generation, the upbeat is there to see the listener through even the darkest of nights and the coldest of winters.

The second single from Steve Roger’s forthcoming new album, Head Up High can be seen as hitting the same type of musical stride that his father attained in the classic Free track Alright Now, one that when it gets into your head, when it soaks its way into the mind and through the pathways of the imagination, is unbreakable, it does not shift its stance and in the end just becomes part of the custom; expected and welcomed at the same time.

A single which honours the name the singer proudly wears, a continuation of will and of memory but one that acknowledges the generation he comes from and the inherent thoughts that dominate the companions of that age; all you can do in the end is smile, keep you Head Up High, for in that moment you show them that they cannot win, that you will always come out ahead.

Steve Rogers will be playing at The Cavern, Liverpool, on Sunday 29th October. Tickets are on sale now.

Ian D. Hall