The Osmonds, Gig Review. Echo Arena, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

When you’ve never experienced a phenomenon it can be quite easy to scoff, to take a look at the moment from outside the pull of the dedicated fan and believe that no matter what you would be immune to sultry tones of the supposed magic which casts its eye over all who linger too long in the mercurial light.

The phenomenon you shy away from, is a perhaps the one that catches you out the most, you ignore it arguably at your own cost and whilst we embrace many a facet, many a band, artist or individual, some we lose sight of, we openly mock or just plain forget.

To see The Osmonds is to understand what all the shouting has been about, why many fans have lost their minds and their vocal cords in appreciation of the group. Regardless of the period, the huge Rock classic of Crazy Horses or the beautifully sentimental Long Haired Lover From Liverpool to which Jimmy Osmond still sings with more than enough passion and twinkled eye to every fluttering heart in the Echo Arena, there is no doubting the pedigree of the band, from every conceivable combination, the four, the five, the six and now the three piece which stood on the stage like gentle giants, phenomenon is the only thought that comes to mind.

Merrill, Jay and Jimmy, three of the seven siblings that have carved out a rich and dynamic path and on stage at the Echo Arena they continued to make sure that their fans, even the people who had arguably come to see David Essex and Suzi Quatro, went home fulfilled and full of wonder for how after all this time they still manage to be a band that gives so much, how songs such as Love Me For A Reason, Yo-Yo and the apt cover of the Bobby Scott’s and Bob Russell’s hit song for The Hollies, He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother, stand not only the test of time but the enormity of the luxurious vocals on offer.

Some questions, many perceived notions are always meant to be dispelled and in the crowd it could be seen that many who would have perhaps, not unkindly, avoided the band in the past, were more than likely to delve further; such is the way that a long lasting and truly dynamic band like The Osmonds manages to captivate and communicate with the crowd.

A great addition to the Legend’s Live evening, one that scored very highly on the enjoyment scale.

Ian D. Hall