The Suns, Everyone Is Lying. Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

The whole world is at it, even the virtuous and those who claim the moral high ground, from politicians down to all of us who increasingly reply, I’m fine to the question How are you?, it seems as though that Everyone Is Lying; we all know it, we cannot help it but the world would probably see revolution everywhere if we suddenly decided to tell the truth.

The Suns see it as we all do but the creativity that abounds in the bands always suggests they will take what they see and wrench it wide open, the bare hands getting cut on the barbed wire surround the truth, seemingly unobtainable, always heavily guarded and fortified, however once the hole surrounding the subject is cleansed in The Suns style, then all that wrenching, all the struggle was worth it.

It is a more reflective tone that The Suns adopt on this single, a measured approach which makes the subject more serious, less bouncy but more in keeping with the issues cornered and concentrated upon and for that, just watching the pulling apart of the protected lies is worth every moment, every tear that might spill; for the truth shall set you free, those with plenty to hide suggest, yet they never want you peaking too closely at their fabricated web.

The great thing about The Suns is their willingness to see beyond the pattern, they delve further, arguably it is the Merseyside way, perhaps it is the pleasure of being surrounded by others who don’t fall for the whoppers and the telegraphed distortions sent down by the Westminster Village; whatever the way they see through the misrepresentations, it works and this single is the epitome of that focus, of that drive.

A different type of sound employed by the band, deep in thought, brooding, pensively angry but one that is very much steeped in The Suns way of thinking. Everyone Is Lying, the world spins on the way we build ourselves up or the way we degrade others, Everyone is Lying because that is how History is made.

Ian D. Hall