The Bitterest Pill Is To Be Found In Skelmersdale This October.


A blind date, a wedding, a Gypsy curse and a longed for baby…

Presented by Gary Skyner Productions, the debut performance of The Bitterest Pill tells the story of how one small tablet changed a family forever.  When Frances gave birth to her son Gary, she knew her life was about to change, but not in the way she expected.  Gary was born with severely deformed upper limbs, Frances could think of nothing but taking her child home and looking after him. Her husband Brian had different ideas – an institution was the best place for Gary, to allow the young couple to get on with their lives and have another child.  Frances refused.

Pressure in the relationship began to show. Frances’ affections for Gary never waned but the constant arguments about Gary and the battles she fought (and won) over placing him in care brought the marriage to a standstill.

The discovery that taking just a handful of Distaval (Thalidomide) tablets to reduce the symptoms of morning sickness was to blame for Gary’s disability was a shock for Frances.  She blamed herself, but so did Brian!  Brian began mistreating Gary, he was ashamed to call him his son.

It wasn’t long before Brian had an affair with a family friend and left the marital home.

The Bitterest Pill shows how one person can overcome all this from behind the eight ball and succeed.

Tickets for The Bitterest Pill at the E-Rooms in Skelmersdale on Friday 13th October are priced at £7.70. Doors at 7.00pm.