Texas, Gig Review. Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

There is the sense of power that a band can bring to the Philharmonic Hall which you could only wish that if bottling plants had the power, they might just have the sensation of the year, a sense of quality that should be available to all but in which seems to reside in those who have given their all. When a band like Texas come to Liverpool, the only response possible is to sit back, enjoy the ride and take note, for as all in the Philharmonic Hall were bound to say at the end of the night, this was a band who had tremendous fun.

It is of course the audience who should believe, who should leave a venue in high spirits and be seen as talkative and relishing the moment for the foreseeable future, but there is absolutely nothing wrong, in fact it should be encouraged more, to see a band really come to the show prepared to smile, to laugh and not just play to the crowd but to belly laugh, the type of fun which is infectious, resounding and utterly captivating.

There are not too many times when an audience member will be actively encouraged to talk to the front of the band, to have a conversation with them, to even hammer home just what a night it has been, and sometimes such a bold move would not be appropriate, and yet for one person, the stage for a minute or two was their oyster and in Sharleen Spiteri, there is a woman who knows just how to feed off the energy off stage as well as on and use it, weave it like a spell and conjure up a night of brilliance.

A night of fun, of passionate Scottish spirit and the odd teddy bear/stuffed hippo related confession, such moments as a fan of music are to be held close and sold to others in large neon flashing signs, see this band, they know how to relish the company in the seats.

With songs such as Halo, In Our Lifetime, The Conversation, Summer Son, In Demand, Black Eyed Boy and Say What You Want all involved in the set, all making the evening a stand out feast, the night was one of attitude, of power and enormous fun, exactly what a fan wants and deserves from such a night.

Ian D. Hall