Fat Thumbs (Texts).

Hillp, Jelli,


Hello nate, mate,

Blinet, blimey, that’s geeat mews,

Nole, nipe, nope not seem your sitter around

recently, fidnt, didn’t knoe sheep was

going back to yni, I hope sheep

gets the reslut sheep deserbed, sheep

wad always a geeat, ham worlet, waker,

warker, worker.

Whem do yiu get jome from prosin,

P]risim, prisoin, (damn) when are yiu released?

Anyway, fat thumbs at the reast, teadt, ready, herr,

Don’t crew up your remaning dates, days,

wouldn’t  want you blowing

your feesdom, freedsam, freedon, freedom,

don’t forget, to wash your nack, back.

Your opal.


Ian D. Hall 2017