The Jackobins, Outside. Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

There is enormous pleasure to be found when listening to a band that you have championed, that you might have been able to say that you have had a huge smile reserved for them, and whilst the nature of the world suggests that the experience of listening to music has changed, that the day to day for musicians and the lyric writer has become more intense, more demanding and without the true rewards deserving such art; it is satisfying beyond measure when a group like The Jackobins tempt you to come Outside and revel in the almost noir-like quality of their new single.

Outside is the start of a journey, a beginning of new songs by the band, a new chapter perhaps but one steeped wonderfully in the history of the group; one not afraid to explore a new avenue but also keeping one eye sharply on what brought them to the attention of the crowds and the fans in the first place.

Outside is deep, it places trust in the listener to find the place where they believe they are comfortable and then allow themselves to fall, not step gently or sheepishly wander, but fall headlong in love with the song but also the anger wrapped in hopeful yearning, the rich melancholy, the near despair but overwhelming cool in which the song provides.

A new single is always a frightening bench mark for the fan, have the band deserted the feelings they once espoused, have they taken on a different hue in which to hide chameleon like or are they still riding high, able to confound and take to task in good lyrics and a depth charged tune; in Outside The Jackobins run the gauntlet hard and come out with positive pleasure, the new beginning, the fresh faced and the smartly delivered, all is well with a band that can produce something as profound and meaningful as Outside.

A very superb single by The Jackobins, one which is not afraid, does not dilly around the question, by asking the listener to come Outside, it shows its intent perfectly.

Ian D. Hall