Katie Ellen, These Little Words. E.P. Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Words are important, beyond that, they are critical, the way we are with others, words can signify everything, even in the smallest sentence, in the most casual of thoughts, words are like bombs or bandages, they can tear apart the world without a moment’s thought or they can heal, even unintentionally, they can break through the psyche of a pre-conditioned thought and make that person’s outlook so much sweeter.

These Little Words are all that matter in the end, in how we use them, how they are spoken or song, these are the words that can make someone’s day or their lives easier. These Little Words placed down by Katie Ellen also happen to be heartfelt and sent out with the kind of sensuality and meaning that makes the world more tolerable.

The five track E.P. is one of touching sentiment but also full of realism, that sense of duty towards another’s peace of mind is sacrosanct and significant, for if we can behave properly towards each other in times of despair then what is the actually point of anything.

Katie Ellen plays with those central beliefs and comes out fighting for the right to sing them, there is no shadow or foreground, there is also no quarter given that people should be little themselves in trying to reach compromise or keeping anybody’s delusion alive, this is not that type of talk, it is not a set of song of meekness, just beautiful compassion, a critical difference but one that works when the music and the words are placed properly.

The five songs, Can’t We Just Be Friends, One Reason, Halfway There, Your Song (Out Of My Head) and a scintillating piano version of the aforementioned Halfway There, are of great quality, the rarity of finding such empathy in someone in their flourishing and musically formative years.

Katie Ellen finds the right balance between passion and technique, the sense of considering her words carefully enough to hold someone’s hand as they feel the pain of modern living; a true sense of compassion; These Little Words are always important.


Ian D. Hall