Freedom Is A Swift Trademark.

Freedom is…

what exactly?

As long as it doesn’t hurt someone

too badly, you should be able to quietly

reason and debate

like civilised human beings

the wrongs and rights of a situation

without thinking that someone

is going to need counselling, freedom

to believe and say that someone

aiming to copyright a gesture

on stage or a phrase by a pretty girl,

or even a year,

is nothing more than money

talking over common sense,

the oh look at me, I can do anything I please

because I am rich and famous…please

get a life.

Freedom is to be able to call the President

a fool, the Prime Minister an ass and

a man with an ego on his silver plated throne

a nonsense.

What is freedom anyway

in a world where your every facial tic

or stuttered word is snapped and

shared to try to shame and score points

on hungry social media;

what is freedom,

to me it understanding

that nobody wants to say hello

and that is O.K.


Ian D. Hall 2017