Cary Balsano, Horizon. Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

We are often too concerned with looking at the lives of others, of commenting on their situation, the way they act in a given moment, their dress sense, their beliefs and we make fun of them, we say we are giving them advice, when all we are doing is looking at the steps in front of us and not liking our own perceived path. To hold their hand and not comment on their lives is improve our own vision; that you can both look to the Horizon and witness that it is a truth worth clinging to.

The subtle use of imagery employed by Cary Balsano in his single Horizon is one that employs the sense of Time being slowed down, that the minutes can be stretched and the seconds lengthened, that the drawn out stare can last forever if needed and that far off distance stitching together Earth or sea and that which separates us from the void is not just distance, it is the urge to add perspective to the union between us all.

Cary Balsano’s voice is dynamite on the single, powerful, full of respect for the message he gets across and one that feels as though it has been dipped in the weighty scope afforded those that look out to sea, those that know the waves are forever trapped in a constant battle with the pull of the moon and who know that the same force dictates the way they admire the scene and the view. The Horizon may be a far off dream, one that is never truly realised as it shifts and alters with each step taken, but it is one than is infinitely more at ease socially than picking apart the seams and the frayed edges of what is next to you.

The single is one of great charm, of natural effect and sincerity, it gives the listener the freedom to step one foot closer to the Horizon without the scene going one foot back, the dance is the favour of the listener and one that is gratefully received.

Ian D. Hall