In Defence Of Boxing.

It is a spectacle,

Pugilistic sound

a symbol of machismo,

punching above your weight,

of pound for pound brutality

and possible damage to the brain,

never seen the point, never been one

to see the ring

to show how much my worth

as a man or a human being

should be defined;

and yet I also don’t see the point

in racing round a track with a tank full

of petrol, I see no need to carry a ball

underneath my arm

and have my earlobe ripped off,

my testicles pulled and my ribs

punched slyly when the referee

is not looking.

I defend with my life you

and your decision to make it your life,

I will not tell you what to do,

should you wish to urge on someone

to batter another, to see them defeated in pain

then please

know, you have my backing,

just as I hope you defend me

when the last bell sounds.


Ian D. Hall 2017