Cal Ruddy, Gig Review. Studio 2, Liverpool. (2017).

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

If Science Fiction teaches us anything, it is that Time is but an illusion, a structure devised to keep order, to make sense of the day to day and the minutes that come and go as easily as lightning captured on a camera. Time though is about what is in between, the second hand giving way to the power of the one that speeds by rapidly, not for some the elongated minute or hour, but instead the infinite; for it does not take a day or an hour to fall in love, but the second, fleeting, invisible and beautiful.

Just over a year ago Cal Ruddy was headlining the Studio 2 as he launched the start of his recording career, within such a short time he has gone on to be arguably considered as one of the finest young artists around, a voice that could outclass silk, a temperament that is relaxed and positive; if time is judged by the seconds then from headlining at your own launch night to heading out to one of the great homes of music in Nashville within the next week, is to know that Time smiles on those willing to grasp every moment of every second.

Before the night had started at Studio 2, anybody wandering in to feel the surge of ambience of the night ahead, would have instead found electricity building, the positive glow of musicians bonding and jamming together. It is rare to be afforded such a sight, to see two of the young breed gel in harmony as they played a couple of songs together, oblivious to who was watching. Witnessing history like that, of seeing Jay Rehm and Cal Ruddy play guitar together is almost like a Liverpool version of the famous Million Dollar Quartet photograph; history does not just happen, it needs the second to document it.

As Cal Ruddy played songs such as Breaking Your Little Heart, She Set My Mind On Fire, Little Town Anywhere, Sweet Little Valentine and Buying Time, the audience once more were reminded of that night when he swept all before him. Nashville is in for a major treat, the seconds are going to make sure the days have a ball. It might be Liverpool’s loss, but it is only for a short while, for Cal Ruddy has got so much more to offer his home town yet.

Ian D. Hall