Harriet!, Those Three Words/Just Sign. Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Those Three Words can hide a multitude of meanings, three little words which can profess so much and yet are often fumbled around in case of embarrassment or in case of rejection. We ask ourselves and those we have affection for to listen to be careful on how those words are used, in many cases we only ask for a Just Sign to appear, one of truth and one that Rocks.

For Harriet! it is a great return for the Derbyshire musician and song writer, especially after the incredibly cool and silk like Hidden Messages E.P. that came out in 2015. Now in the Double A side single Those Three Words/ Just Sign, Harriet once more comes out fighting and the scene she sets out is one of irresistible magnetism and strength of passion.

The gravel toned America/Canada influenced vocals are stamped over the two songs in such a way that the listener cannot but help feel the presence of vocalists such as Alannah Myles, Pat Benatar or even Lita Ford emerging from beneath the edgy based music. Whilst firmly in the camp of sound which embraces the likes of Stevie Nicks, this Double A side is exceedingly dipped in the Rock heaven that many will find alluring.

Harriet McDonnell is joined on the two songs by the fantastic Neil Wardleworth and this duo blend seamlessly in both the work ethic and in the completion of the job at hand. In creating a harder, more blues tinged sound, Harriet! comes out fighting without any hindrance from the urge in others to profess the three words awkwardly or without sincerity. This is an artist with strength and vision, Those Three Words, should be viewed as More please Harriet!.

Ian D. Hall