The Opinion Of C.C.T.V.


Remember how we panicked,

the last straw of a civilised society,

Orwellian, 1984, Big brother

is watching and taking notes;

remember that panic

as cameras zoomed in our conversations

and attacked our sense of moral outrage…

They should have waited a few years,

installed them now,

in the back of our heads, showreels

for the courts for out of our mouths

comes the awful truth,

we have become C.C.T.V. ourselves,

reporting every little thing that might

offend us, regardless of its merit,

to the big boys at social media,

running to mother

because we don’t get our own way,

spitting fury spleen and rampant bile

because the world is so much more

than we believed it could be…


a dangerous tool

in the fight against opinion.


Ian D. Hall 2017