Ste Neildsy, Gig Review. Party In The Park, Bootle.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

In another time Ste Neildsy would have been arguably suited to the role bestowed upon him of a Liverpool Johnny Cash spliced ingeniously with the musical gene of Jeff Lynne, such his stance, his gaze, his whole rock solid demeanour of spirit and perceptive and often more lyrical praise. Whilst there may be no gruffness, no dedicated man in black naturally pounding at the establishment door and gaining access to a world he cares little for; instead what you find with Neildsy is the creative back hander which thrills both the senses and puts a smile readily on the face.

To listen to Ste Neildsy has always been a pleasure, a sincere man with robust opinions, you either drink in what he has to say or you perhaps stay ignorant, the choice is yours, nobody forces anything in this world when it comes to art and yet by denying yourself the opportunity to listen, to pay attention or even covertly eavesdrop from behind the stage, is to let yourself stay deaf to the world and its anger, its charm and the often songs of the innocent.

Neildsy has the temperament of Johnny Cash and the observation of Jeff Lynne, it is a combination that works but it is also one that is uniquely beautiful, a difference in the way two songs can be presented confirms a man to whom music is a tool of industry, of catapulting the disparate and contrasting lyrics into the air and not worrying upon whose head they land.

The Party in the Park, Bootle’s festival of music and local get together would not have been the same without Ste Neildsy placing his stamp on the proceeding, a rough charm, the smiling charismatic figure on stage to whom many in the Merseyside area have fallen for and without hesitation, took the audience through his set an without any hint of hesitation, it has to be remarked had never sounded better or more at ease; a sense of beauty with a hard fist knocking at the door of ornament backed Government.

In the songs Johnny, the brilliant Fake Shake, Systematic and Echo Echo, Ste Neildsey captivated and cajoled, he set the tone for the afternoon and early evening celebration feel of the Party in the Park.

A great set from a captivating artist, a man to whom the younger generation coming through can look up to without any thought of being deemed uncool or unworthy of appreciating fully.

Ian D. Hall