Hall…And Other Four Letter Words.


You can call me a Tw**

I won’t take offence, call me a piece of

dirt, a shit, an arse, a f***,

Knob, Di**,

cuss me all you like, damn

me to Hell, liken me to porn,

if you feel cheap,

lazy even

forgo a letter, knock yourself,

find a better word than git,

Smeg is perfect, possibly,

it appeals to the Red Dwarf fan in me,


don’t stand there and call me Hall,

that’s a No No;

you are not a N.C.O.

ordering me to salute

or an employer handing

across my wages with the snarl

of the times,

Mister I will take,

Hall on its own,

well you cut-price bully boy,

contemptible cad, shoddy…

I may be a four letter word,

but you sir

are an unnecessary empty rhetorical sentence.


Ian D. Hall 2017