An Eye For An Eye.


I have nothing against your left eye,

it is the pupil that you know will

pass its eleven plus

and go onwards to University

and despite falling in love

with many a pretty girl,

all mysterious and from a foreign field,

the pupil will become a good egg,

concentrate mostly on the study at hand

and leave with honours,

the gratitude of the pool table

and the smiles of the women

as a reminder of what it was to have

a good eye.


Your right eye, well that’s a different matter,

it is the pupil that instinctively you know will

always be in trouble

with someone for giving them

a wrong look, perhaps

unintentional, maybe

quite involuntary,

but still the evil eye

is present and not politically correct,

it is the Lex Luther, the Kryptonite

to the super one on the left,

it is the roving devil

that won’t make it past fifth year,

having dropped out too early.


Ian D. Hall 2017