The Voice Of Anfield (So Soothing To Me).

I might be a Manchester Blue,

so old school that I used to have slate

and chalk to calculate City’s

progress up

and invariably down the league.

A fan since the days of Dennis Tuert,

Willie Donachie and Asa Hartford, yet

still as the new season approaches,

I salute one of the special ones,

the soothing

Voice of Anfield,

the heroic stance in the box

of echoes and history,

the voice of football

in a world gone mad with the overpaid

and the undeserving, George’s timbre

remains resolute and one I love to hear

ringing in my ears;

the new song played, a local band lauded,

an old classic, scoring well in the Kop,

a friend of the Liverpool fan,

there is no one quite like George

when Liverpool plays.


Ian D. Hall 2017