Games On The Last Day Of Term.

The last day of anything

should be treated as though

it is a day for games, to emulate

the final day of term

in which the teacher, finally

acknowledging that she has exhausted

herself, gives up and lets the kids

run riot.

Parliament could play Buckeroo,

the appointed donkey

accounting for Government sins

as they try to explain

the difference

between a wheelchair, mental health,

a nurse’s salary and a nuclear bomb.

Athletic doping cheats,

at the moment of being banned

get to bring along Sonic the Hedgehog

just so they can witness speed

at its less than criminal form,

the long serving employee, fifty

years in a single profession, should be allowed

to play Risk,

Souh Yorkshire Police chiefs

take a chance on Cluedo,

perhaps even Fictionary

or the classic Blind Man’s Bluff.

Never allow the retired banker though

to suggest to teacher

that Monopoly is a game for the class to play,

for we all know

they have had far too much practice,

and they will take great joy

in screwing people over

on their last day

holding all the cards, houses and hotels.


Ian D. Hall 2017