Living The Dream.

People have weird dreams,

‘tis all I’m saying,

not making assumptions

but if my dreams are anything to go by,

that holiday home in the South

of France, sipping shelled grapes

and eating croissants for breakfast,

that expensive car, worth more

than the house they live in,

and still only capable of

listening to Classic F.M.

when the signal is weak;

they say, Living the dream,

I daren’t tell them mine,

having been seduced by glamour’s women

on my worn out sofa,

Hollywood starlet, fighting

aliens alongside Buck Rogers,

looking down from a precarious perch

high above the filthy streets,

having survived the initial bombs

that cause World War Three,

being the catalyst of the Revolution,

seeing the seas boil, a sun explode,

darkness and light collide;


my dreams are too much,

they are not comfortable when I see them

in full blown colour and so vivid

that sometimes they make me scream…

best to say when asked, my inspired dream come

true, living the dream is sharing

my day with you.


Ian D. Hall 2017