Despicable Me 3, Film Review.


Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Cast: Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Trey Parker, Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier, Nev Scharrel, Pierre Coffin, Steve Coogan, Julie Andrews, Jenny Slate, Michael Beattie, Andy Nyman, Adrian Ciscato, Brian T. Delaney, Katia Saponenko.

Not quite so Gru-some but still very enjoyable with overtones of brilliance; for the lovers of Despicable Me, this third outing of a villain turned hero, his adopted children and arguably one very special group of comedic sidekicks in the history of animation, is still of such quality that the whole family can go along to the cinema and come out with everybody happy and content.

Despicable Me 3 is not without its distractions, some of the vocalisation, the bringing to life the voice of a character can be a little grating, the expected catchphrase that is bound to fill many a home this summer, expressed by Trey Parker’s Balthazar Bratt, becomes a little tiresome after a while, the feeling of being short changed for adult and child fan alike of the Minions perhaps not getting as much screen time as they had in the past; but then distractions are there in life to make everything else as perfect as they can be and there can be no doubt that the team behind the film and the animation have worked their particular magic once more.

The pairing of Steve Carrell and the divine Kristen Wiig is an animated joy and it will be a shame when this delightful combination is eventually broken up due to Time and wanting to move onto other projects.

With the world at the mercy of a former child star, a long lost brother found, the right blend of observational humour and satire thrown into the mix is once again uniquely compelling and when the Minions are on screen, especially in a notably long and endearing piece, they really steal the picture.

Despicable Me 3, a film of brilliant quality, of touching sentiment and admiration for bringing such a creation to life, it would be wicked to not enjoy it, contemptible to miss it; a film of marvellous appreciation.

Ian D. Hall