I Waged War.

I waged war tonight,

chemical warfare

in amongst the utensils, quickly

removed, shoved aside as

bombardment and napalm

rained down on the invaders.

I waged war,

against my better judgement

on a species intent on seizing

the momentum

whilst my back was turned,

whilst my guard was down

wind of their presence,

crawling through cracks,

damned ants, I waged war, thunderbolt

fists crashed, bleached top, powder,

not for the ant’s enjoyment or for their party

no doubt taking place in

an underground cave beneath

my kitchen,

but to make sure they don’t spill out

like oil sweeping across the sea.

I waged war


and as much I regret taking a life,

these ants bother me.


Ian D. Hall 2017