Acadian Driftwood, Rain Falling In. Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

The Tempest may call out, the fire and brimstone of the age may dedicate itself to wiping out all you knew and all that was to come but to see the Rain Falling In, to see it drip in tandem with the seconds on a stopwatch or cascade like a river in a flood plain but through the very joists and foundations of your home or your house, is to understand that nature is always going to win, that nature in all its fury and positivity is to be adored and not stifled.

For Acadian Driftwood, Rain Falling In is so beautifully placed, so ideal a track that it epitomises the thought of allowing the natural to grow, to expand beyond anyone’s original dream, that like the cascading water it erodes eventually all the stubborn rocks of doubting public and instead clears a path that is unhindered and hopefully smooth and not worn down.

The band’s single is passionate and yet it doesn’t fly in the face of exuberance, it is steady without falling into the realm of the overly anxious or unceremoniously or unwarranted high spirited enthusiasm, and through the soft melody, the water is seen to be tinged with the outline of a rainbow, the energy of a pact once made in literature and fable, that though the rain may fall, nobody will drown because of it.

A simple song, a tale of sorrow and hope caught in the undercurrent of life and one that the band are quick to draw upon. It is a suggestion of music that is there to comfort and be seen to do so, that the real point of music is like the rain, it is there to cleanse, to wash away the foul and the stench driven, a moment listening to the Rain Falling In, is to marvel that life can capture nature so easily and yet be forever in its thrall.

Ian D. Hall