Sheila K Cameron, Kiss Deep And The Missing Beat. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

You don’t have to pucker the lips in order to Kiss Deep, you only have touch someone with your mind, your humour and your lust for life in order to reach them in a way that no amount of amorous thought can achieve; to feel the embrace of another’s words is not just a measure for good, it is the affirmation of what you believe more than anything, to be true.

Sheila K Cameron’s latest re-issue of her albums have come, for now, to a conclusion, a stunning one to finish the time in the current days ahead and one that really hits the mark in a sea of spot on and beautifully delivered, arrow like precision, targets.

Kiss Deep, feel the tension and the heartache, the feeling of pleasure that comes from having allowed the sensuality of life drift unexpectedly your way and whilst you are there, allow that artist to, in even the smallest way, change your perception on what is beautiful and what is pleasing to the senses.

We all remember our first kiss, the slow build up of expectation that perhaps went wildly adrift, the bumped nose, the apologies and the sense of elation that came with it for days afterwards and one that subconsciously we use as a bench mark when comparing others efforts to titillate our tonsils. Kiss Deep And The Missing Beat goes beyond that, it is thrill of the picturesque and one in which control is hard to shoulder; for Sheila K Cameron, this is the sense of the exquisite, a collection of songs that gather together the thoughts of a woman who has metaphorically kissed more than a few hearts; who has emerged from the artistic relationship with her head held high.

In tracks such as Did I Do Something Wrong Again, No I Don’t See Lizzie Anymore, As You Wrapped The String Around Me, Beneath The Apple Tree and Let’s Put Love In The Back Seat-For A While, Ms. Cameron takes the art of kissing deeply to another level, it is more than falling in love, it is the desire to just keep hearing more.

Kiss Deep And The Missing Beat  is a sensuous album, a beautiful point of creative poetry set to lyrical and musical attractive cool, Kiss Deep, remember the first time you felt the pangs of love and then explore further; for love is only a kiss away.

Ian D. Hall