Piglets, (Three Desperate Ones).


It is a shame you were not around

in the position

of responsibility

when Roger wrote the words

to Pigs, for surely they now suit you,

wrapped in the pig skin

and the mud and shit,

dear Teresa, Donald and Katie,

you three different ones

writhing in the destruction

of person after person

and in the case of Pig Katie,

the figures in her bile

put more straw upon her made up house.

The trouble is dear piglets,

you are tiny, an oink lost in the darkness

and hoping for an echo to make themselves feel less lonely,

the congratulations you crave, the courtship of bacon and eggs

over breakfast, you want more, pig skin,

the snout over sausage you three different ones…

selfish  in conceit, white house dinners

and watch as Napoleon raises his trotter

in your honour

and see the Piglet blood flow.


Inspired by Roger Waters’ Pigs (Three Different Ones) from the album Animals.

Ian D. Hall 2017