Nick Hall Brings Spencer To This Year’s Liverpool Fringe.

A one-man comedy play about the life and death of a forgotten British leader.

I am murdered! Eleventh of May 1812. The Prime Minister has just been killed by a mysterious stranger. Parliament is in uproar. There is anarchy in the UK. But who’s really behind this?

Spencer Percival has one claim to fame; he’s the only Prime Minister ever to be assassinated. Unfortunately no one’s ever heard of him. 205 years later, Nick Hall tells his story at the Liverpool Fringe.

In this inventive and hilarious journey through history, Nick brings alive the world of the 19th century, while drawing parallels with the present. In this discordant age of Brexit, Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May, could we still learn something from the past.

Nick Hall is a character comedian, stand-up and improviser. He has written and performed for BBC2, BBC3, ITV2, and BBC Radio 4. Nick is also a former Parliamentary Researcher in the House of Commons and has worked for a number of M.P.s, as well as other jobs in politics.

Nick took his debut solo character show to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2015 and also performed in Adam Riches’ play Coach Coach at the Pleasance Theatre and Soho Theatre. He followed this up with his one-man Cold War thriller Szgrabble! in 2016.

Nick Hall’s captivating style has marked him out as one to watch. Since 2013 he’s reached the semi-finals of So You Think You’re Funny, beaten the Gong at The Comedy Store, beaten the Blackout at Up the Creek, and won the New Act Night at the Comedy Café.

For further information and tickets for the show at 60 Hope Street on the 24th June at 7p.m. go to