I wish I had made more

of my unconventional life,

embraced more than I could

ever hope to have done,

kissed more than just the few

and the few extra more,

I wish I had not been at times

so damned English and polite

and told a few more people,

stuck up their own arse,

blinded by their own self importance

and governed by their right to believe

that their way is the only signposted route

to happiness,

to fuck off,

but I am so damned English

that all that comes out is the disgruntled tut

and the urge to move away from

their sycophant views,

their views which they believe should be mine

and when they don’t get why I don’t side with them

I can only shrug my shoulders,

so damned English, not wanting confrontation,

yet requiring peace around me;

it is a good job I am unconventional,

a Cornish spirit, a Progressive Jazz, Blues Metal adoring spirit,

accepting of many but not of the condescending handshake,

two faced handshake, I would rather remain

an island in my head

than lonely,

trapped in the need to faceless.


Ian D. Hall 2017