Honeybug, Gig Review. The Cavern, International Pop Overthrow. 2017.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

The sound of the electronic and the mastery of the keyboard is such that it will always gather a crowd to its door; it is the synth heaven that people remember with fondness, especially those whose musical appreciation was kicked off by what followed Punk as mainstream music. A sense of the otherworldly always seems to accompany the genre, a feeling of science fiction made real and one that arguably dominated the 80s with overwhelming power but also managed to keep the flag flying, even in a different form as the 90s and the new century took over.

For a band like Honeybug, the feeling of the synth is essential; it is part routine and part colossus, the routine is the sense of the majestic eeriness that comes across and grabs the attention, it is the realm of musicians such as Prince, of The Human League and Blancmange, it is the acceptance that time was changed for the better when the music took over and expanded the world of what a musician could bring to the table. In the colossal it is the knowledge that a band such as Honeybug can capture the essence and run with it, they can demand just as much attention in their songs and they do with more than a sense of style, they do it with wit and grace, they do it with the keenest of ingredients, love.

It is a love that drove their Saturday set inside The Cavern to great heights, a sense not only of the crowd enjoying their well earned weekend but one that unlike other venues suffer from the overflowing of good times, this was a set grounded in people paying absolute attention, transfixed perhaps, hypnotised arguably but all the same, one which command pleasure and kick start the busy weekend off with synth generated flair.

With a set comprising of songs such as Time, Open Your Eyes, Anything For You, Lady Luck and Big Mouth, the crowd were seen to be swaying in time, memories of the great time had by many during the 80s came flooding back and clashed with modern day cool; it was a memory to hold dear, it was a recollection to make sure never goes away.

A wonderful set, a showcase worth waiting for!


Ian D. Hall