The Terrorist Inside No 10.

I will put my life

in the hands of the sympathiser,

rather than the terrorist

at No 10.

Behind that closed black door,

sits the heart of Government

and stained and festering it is,

for terrorism needs no guns,

the terrorist requires

no bullet, bomb, just the press

in which to carry out the threat,

get old, we will kill you off,

become ill, we will kill you off,

lose yourself in the fog, we will kill you off,

become unproductive, uncared for,

useless to our needs, not make money,

like the arts, be creative,

be a child, be poor, question us once,

not toe the national line…

not patriotic…

we will kill you off…

stark and simple the choice,

sympathiser of the past

or the terrorist at No 10,

for anyone who can scare you into submission

is guilty of abuse

and the terrorist after all

by definition

is the one who makes you live in fear.


Ian D. Hall 2017