My Pre-Existing Condition.

I was born with a pre existing condition,

passed down genetically and without selective behaviour,

I was born, hopefully like you,

with this specific snag

in my blood, in my genes,

not to want, to enjoy, to take any satisfaction

from pissing people off, to let them get on with life

and should they fall ill,

then not to be too blunt,

to not be a dick and hope that society cares enough

about all those born, to see them, to care for them,

to understand that the unseen ailment,

the depression, the  heart disease, the addiction,

the terrified display of emotion,

is not a weakness, but human,

human, remember that

for we are not Daleks, we are not emotionless automatons,

cold, aloof, uncaring, indifferent, callous, selfish

bastards; we surely don’t like

or relish in the extreme of witnessing another person suffer,

my pre-existing condition is my own,

I didn’t ask for it, I wouldn’t wish it on a person who bares me ill,

why would I stoop so low when there are those

whose pre-existing condition means they are just vile,


and ones who would gladly see you

take a last breath if it meant they could

hoard another tenner.

Ian D. Hall 2017