Valor, Arrogance: The Fall. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision rating * * * *

Arrogance is arguably amongst the worst of human traits, it is the child of pride and the father of destruction and yet we laud it as if it is a conquering hero, a warrior to whom the sword of destiny is fit to be carried by into battle; Arrogance can only lead to a fall, to its own plummeting collapse and the failure of humanity to keep such vices in check.

Greek melodic epic power metallers Valor take the emotion and the complexity of the vice on in their brand new album Arrogance: The Fall and turn it into a high calibre weapon, one of velocity, one of sincere beat and authority; it is the antidote to the conceit of arrogance, of self importance and the fall of ridicule, it is a message that despite everything pride is only there because we feel pressured to feel it when what we truly should feel when creating or appreciating art is humility.

Valor’s grip the hand of humility perfectly, it is with a sense of dynamic purpose that the album strides along with victory in its nostrils but with modesty as its shield and humble strength as its watchword. Arrogance: The Fall is meaty, it is the camp fire in the middle of nowhere offering substance and refreshment, the opportunity to lay down in the comfort of solitude but with an overwhelming sense of protection, the giant of the epic composition is after all watching with interest to your reaction.

The album’s strength lays in its ability to be Progressive, a sound of respect to Vaggelis Krouskas’ sweeping vocals, the smashing guitars of Spyros Soldatos and Vasilis Kourkoutas, the bass of Chris Remoundos, the synchronicity of Thodoris Andritsos’ Drums and the elegance of Thanasis Lois’ Keyboard

In tracks such as Flying Away, Pandora’s Gift, Dark are the Eyes of the Night and The Crown of Evermore, the aggressive and uncompromising hard line taken during the album is offered with a branch of an olive tree, the symbol of peace, a gentleness in the heart of the beast’s growl and one that deserves huge respect.

A scintillating album from Valor, whilst consuming and overbearing Pride should be avoided, Arrogance: The Fall should be played whenever possible.


Valor’s Arrogance: The Fall is released on June 9th on Pitch Black Records.

Ian D. Hall