Many Complex Reasons.

Many complex reasons:

Yet one simple truth,





blinded by a singular hate,

you believe what is written

above the Polish camp,

that work, the noble cause

sets you free, robotic, automaton,

death squad in suits not uniforms,

you do not care,

let me repeat,

you do not give a singular flying fuck

for those you deem


to your vision of one percent ownership,

you do not care about the old

nestling in filth and squalor,

you do not care for those with mental health issues,

you do not give a damn about the disabled,

let them rot, chin chin old boy,

why I once went to work with flu

and you didn’t hear me complain,


you don’t care about the young

who cannot even afford to somewhere to sleep

and as for the rough sleepers, an eyesore, a carbuncle

they are to you, a permanent reminder

that the green and pleasant land

is dying of acid erosion, a humanity in distress,

well take your position

and shove it where the sun don’t shine bub,

for you are nothing but the disease of those iron gates in Poland

made real.



Ian D. Hall 2017