But You Look Too Well.

No, sorry,

can you prove you are a politician?

I know you say you are,

but you look too well.

I realise that as we are sat here discussing your future

you might be concerned that you

are worried about your benefits,

that being struck off the list

to be eligible for a huge salary, expenses,

wined and dined, your opinion sought,

a lucrative second job perhaps,

not quite what you said at our last meeting,

you didn’t declare that outside interest

did you,

your foodbanks…sorry I mean catered for subsidised meals,

your jolly outings, your alleged backhanders,

your time as the nation’s servant

whilst living off the cream in the fridge,

can you really prove you’re  a politician,

after all

we don’t know that,

can you give a speech on compassion right now,

or is one on strong and stable government

about as far as your vocabulary stretch.

Can you prove

you are a politician

or is it just a con to live off the country?


Ian D. Hall 2017